Thursday, 1 April 2010

Can you help or will you feel the heat of the Dragons' breath?

An annual Summer camp run by the Order of Malta will be held in the UK for the first time since it started over twenty years ago. The camp will be held at Bluestone holiday village in Wales from 10-17 July 2010.  There will be groups from 25 countries around the world (mostly Europe and including the UK) with over 20 people in each team - 10 helpers, 10 disabled guests and medical staff.  The guests are all young people aged approximately 18-30 and most of the helpers are young volunteers attached to the Order of Malta.        

One of the things that is increasingly important to the young people who take part is the internet cafe and the assistive technology to complement it. The range of disabilities is very large but the Order hope to have a good range of technologies in place; screen readers, laser pointers, adapted mice and keyboards, mice cradleholders and also additional kit so that games can be played on the computers too.

This is where BATA Members can help. The Order are a charity and pay for everything for the foreign teams from the moment they arrive in the UK so ideally they would be able to get this sort of equipment on loan or for free. Can you help them?

Another idea is a ' Dragons Den' afternoon.  Manufacturers can come down to the camp in Wales with their new technology and demonstrate their kit.  Our guests would be able to try it out and then score the technology at the end of the session; a great test lab for companies in this field. Are you a manufacturer or do you know of any manufacturers who may be interested?

For more information please get in touch with Communication & International Liaison at the Order:

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